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Carpet Cleaning Services in Sevenoaks

Zero Dry Time Kent is a reliable, friendly and professional family-run business offering both residential and commercial cleaning services in Sevenoaks and the surrounding area. We’re based in West Kent, which is perfect for you, but we also operate in East Sussex, West Sussex and Surrey. Our specialist services include dry carpet cleaning, upholstery and leather cleaning and hard floor cleaning. 

Looking for a Sevenoaks carpet cleaner? Ask us! Our specialist dry carpet cleaning service is unique as unlike traditional carpet cleaning, we don’t use water. Instead, we use one of the most powerful vacuum cleaners on the market which means that there is no moisture left behind and you’re able to use the area straight away. 



For sofa cleaning services in Sevenoaks, and other furniture too, we provide a safe, organic fabric and leather cleaning solution to rejuvenate your home’s soft furnishings, deodorizing and removing stains. Our professional cleaning service means that you don’t need to replace your existing furnishings, which will save you money. Perfect for the family budget when there are other expenses to consider. Perfect for people with pets or small children – or both.


Zero Dry Time offer specialist deep cleaning, restoration and sealing for most types of hard floors. We are able to remove stubborn stains and scratches from the following:

•    Travertine
•    Limestone
•    Marble
•    Sandstone
•    Slate
•    Quarry
•    Terracotta
•    Porcelain
•    Ceramic

We also specialise in cleaning Karndean, Amtico and vinyl flooring. In fact, it would be quicker to list the floors we can’t clean than those we can! 


We offer a fast and efficient commercial cleaning service which includes dry carpet cleaning, low moisture carpet cleaning, hard floor and upholstery cleaning. If you have business premises on the Platt Industrial Estate, or a shop or office in Sevenoaks itself, then ours is just the company you need for your specialist floor cleaning requirements.

Dry carpet cleaning

Upholstery & leather cleaning

Hard floor cleaning

Commercial cleaning

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