Leather & Upholstery Cleaning in Kent, Surrey and East Sussex

Zero Dry Time Kent can revive and rejuvenate all your home's soft furnishings and upholstery.


Over time, fabrics and leather can become dull and lifeless, which isn’t a great look, we’re sure you’ll agree.  If you have dogs or cats who sneak up onto the sofa or your favourite armchair, even when they aren’t meant to, then it’s inevitable that muddy patches will dry in and the smell will linger. With young children – oh, those sticky fingers after tea, and the glue, paint and crayons they love to use, not always on paper! Your furnishings can take the brunt of this creativity and there will come a time when you’ve had enough of living with scruffy furniture.


You may not be in a position to buy replacement furniture – or you may want to wait until the children are older or you no longer have naughty dogs! That’s where we come in.


Our professional cleaning products can save you the cost of replacing items with no fuss and no waiting time. Our sofa cleaning service in Kent and across the south-east will transform your living room.


  • Safe, green, organic cleaning for all your fabric & leather needs

  • Low moisture, deep-cleaning solutions for all your upholstery

  • Deodorizing & stain removal

Brighten up your furniture: brighten up your life!

As top Kent upholstery cleaners, we provide:

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